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( Govt. Registered Medical Practitionerr, IBAM 10646 )

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My interest of social service was right before my medical eucation. After i became a doctor my services have been rendered about 17 Years.


Since last ten years I have been rendering several medical and social services in and around my area and other district of Tamilnadu and in other states of India and some too rendered to foreign patients. Especially my medical services were to mentally retorted patients and cardiac patients. for some cases of patients documentary evidence of records and CD are enclosed the within this applications.


I am Dr.Ranghanth , a registered medical practitioner in alternative decadeds of successful practice in curing patients with a variety of ailments and my expertice is in dealing with primarily in three categories of ailments, namely:

1. Treating for cure of children with autism and cerebral policy
2. Treating for cure of all types of kidney diseases
3. Treating patients suffering from blockage of heart veins

Earlier I as running my own hospital in a three storied building at hosur in tamilnadu treating hundreds of patients suffering from autism, CEREBRAL policy, kidney diseases and heart problems with blockage of heart veins.

Now I am at maduravoyal in Chennai and the most recen t case involving treating autism in A TEN year girl child who is currently living with her parents at ranipet near vellore , by name Ms.sandhya and she was studying in second standard in a school meant for mentally retarded children. When their parents approached me in april for treatment for cure of austismfor their daughter, I got evaluation report on her status of health from SREE RAMACHANDRA MEDICAL COLLEGE and after detailed study of the same I took up treatment for in the month of april ,2018 and initially provided her medicine for 50 days . I had been closely following up the changes happening on her constitution and medicine for another 50 days .i have also requested her parents to keep on record the changing behavior of the their child on day-to-day basis with intake of medicines administered by me.

After 100 days of medication the parents of the child joyfully conveyed the happy news that there has been considerable and perceptible change in her food habits, sleeping patterns. They also brought to my notice that unlike her earlier habits of not getting along with other children , she was accomadative while playing with other children and abandoned her earlier habits of throwing what ever articles she would lay her hand on at home or while playing . also her school authorities direcrted their parents to get her admitted in a normal school and she succeeded in getting admission to the third standard of that school and her parents were immensely happy and expressed their joy in their child getting cured of autism with the clear signs that she whould be leading normal life unlike her past. MY mission is curing of autism of every child in tamilnadu for which purpose discovered and developed medicines utilizing latest technology based on CELL REJUVENATION TECHNOLOGY , WHICH IS UNIQUE OF ITS KIND IN CURING AUTISM,