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T. Subathra, D/O Tamilselvan
Before Treatment 25/6/2007

Subathara from her birth had grown up as well as normal child, fed mother breast milk and polio drops were given in correct age and in time period.

But in 1990 at her age of 3rd she got a wound at the bottom of the left leg, thump finger. In course of time the wound burst out releasing white ordures fluid. Since 1990 she had been taken for consultant and skin specialist and following that many laboratorial test were conducted and Indian medicine like siddha was also attended by the patient. Particularly biopsy lab test proved that the proved that the disease was not leprosy.

All these was continuing up her eight years of age and this disease had spread to all her fingers, hands and legs. And disfigured them.

All in vein, the allopathic and siddha given up her deciding the disease is a type of incurable one. In the year 2007 the disease subathara came across me (Dr. PN.Ranghanath MD) ( SRNS ) for treatment.

She had undergone in my medical treatment for about six month medicines were given.
The medicine adiministarted to her, brought a greater change and improvement in her body. The patient subathara had attained a 90% of cure by the medicine.
[ This medicine is invented by Dr.P.N.Ranghanath MD (AM) recognized and certified by toxic college government of Karnataka].

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A great Achievement for
Cell Regervation my medicine

I, write this letter with great pleasure after my good cure development in my case of disease. As your advice, from last month july 26, I have been in taking your medicine of tablets mixing it with honey. Since then within four days swelling in my finger started to reduce and the wound becoming dry and skin, the wound in the legs also were recovering.

In the duration of ten days the wounds were seen slightly covered with in dry skin. After that pain started in my left leg swelling also was seen and then it gradually came to normal, In 20 days the wound came to 50 paise coin level. There after I found bleeding in my figure for two times and after fifteen days I had bleeding in leg for only one time and it also stopped.

At present I am observing strictly the diet control that has to be followed as you adviced. Now I feel sensitiveness in my finger and movements and in the legs also. As regaining my normal feelings. Due to strict observation of diet control, I felt tiredness but no weakness in my body. The wound in my finger and in my legs found fully covered by new skin grown over them. I am hopeful that following the medicine for further two months would provide me a complete cure for entire disease. Sir god has blessed me thought your blessing of providing the medicine. I have to be thankful ever in my life.


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Polio Affected
Hand & Leg

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13 / t / 2010
























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Venkatesh. A
17 Years Old

All the above mentioned patients were mentally retorted children . when I was called for to attened on them , I learnt that after deep check up they are unable to getup , sit , kneel and unable to move like normal child. I decided to take one of the boys under my medical treatment. The boys name was D.venkatesh’s his mother was serving to him for all his needs , this was the condition for twenty year to him. His mental affected him the following was condition before my treatment.

1) Patient neck has varicose vein around neck
2) He could not lift his head
3) His eye sight was normal,
4) He was in open mouth unable to move regularly and saliva was felling in mouth.
5) His head was tight and could not stretch out his fingers
6) His legs, twisted and turned were seen scratching each other and spot was turned to black colour on the skin.
7) No muscle in his shoulders , hands , hip and in legs , hearing power was normal.
8) Not able to speak any word ( dum)

Venkatesnn’s father durairaja and his wife jaya fetched me for treatment to his son venkatesh and they have given their request in written so I started treatment on 24/6/2017 at his home in thulesiapattinam . After I had started my treatment the patient had got improvement in his neck’s varicose vain, decreased and cured. After regular treatment head started to turn both sides . silivas stopped coming out of his mouth. Hands were realesed the twisted legs came free muscles developed on his shoulder, hands, legs and hips. Hearing was normal has negotiation to a person.

I and my collesgues were very very happy on the event of the day when venkatesh started to speak amma, appa, anna, venkatesh and vanakkam, and he came forward to shake my hand. My medicine is reginivation to his brain cell after 17 years in my treatment time.

Now he is walking in his knees and moves himself to a tricycle to ride gently.

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M. Arjunan
as I am so poor , humbly request you to kindly help me to meet my medical treatment at free of cost , under your care.-regd

I, beg to state the following few lines for your sympathetic consideration to seek favorable help from your esteemed concern.
I am residing in above said address with my aged mother. I belong to very poor family so that neither I could not help my self nor look after my mother. In the year 1980 unfortunately , I met an accident of electro cut at my house. That time I was told by doctors that my brain nerves were servely affected . incourse of time , I could feel some inconvenience in the action of my to hands gradullay ,in

1990 my to hands become in active without lest feeling and to my best look medical care, but no improvement seen. I took medical treatment at the following hospitals.

1) In year 1991 at a private hospital salem.
2) In 1993 govt. general hospital Chennai
3) In 1994 govt. general hospital neivelly
4) In 1995 nimins hospital Bangalore

But my case was a diagnostic challenge to the doctors. Having could not conclude on my case they said that my case is incurable ever. Depressed and worried I set myself at home itself unable to do anything . It was around 2010. By gods grace I ought to come across a journal “UTHAVI KARANGAL” which focused a medical article about DR.P.N.Ranghanath (you) and his medicine’s wonders of cure. When I could meet you in person in 12/06/2010 in hosur,you had consulted and observed my condition and having known that I am so poor , gave me tablets for month.

When administered those tablets for month , I felt some change in me and the pain was coming down. Infect , I tell, that time I could getup and walk without any one’s help. i was hopeful that , if I could take same tablets for a year I would be completely cured from my decease , but due to my poor financial condition I was unable to continue to take medicine at your treatment.

But having not let me to be discouraged I fetched many social welfare organization to get help for my medical expenditure but I was made pillar to post and all my effort have, had gone in vain.

Hence , sir, I beg to your esteem, hearty and sympatric nature to help me in this regard, to get free medicine and your treatment, recommended me to any helping persons to meet my medical expenditure. For which kind of fact I will be thankful to you ever in my life.


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